The Netherlands is a country that is rich in culture and history.
A lot of tourists go to this country for an Amsterdam holiday for good reason. They want to experience art, music, philosophy, and the country in general as it was honed by its history. You will never run out of places to go and areas to visit in the Netherlands.
You may ask, “What to do in Amsterdam or in different towns of the Netherlands? A few of the landmarks to check out are the Amsterdam zoo and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. You may also want to go to an Amsterdam canal tour or dinner cruise.


One of the towns that are most recognizable because of its charm and beauty is Valkenswaard. It is located in the south of the Netherlands. The name of the municipality originated from the townspeople who worked as falconers or as those who captured falcons. The language spoken in this town is Kempenlands.
You can do a lot of things in Valkenswaard. Some of the iconic places that you can visit include Rofra Sportieve Arrangementen where you can do boat tours and other water sports activities. One museum that you can go to is the Dutch Museum of Lithography.
But one aspect that must be included in your tour is church visit. Valkenswaard is known for a lot of majestic churches situated in the area. When you go to Valkenswaard, they should always be part of your sightseeing.
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Take note that we always include churches in our tours in Valkenswaard. We see the churches in Valkenswaard as iconic and too important to miss. It has lots of history behind each construction and the events that occur inside and outside the churches are also memorable and essential to know as a tourist of the town.

Churches in Valkenswaard

You have a lot of options when it comes to churches to go to in Valkenswaard. You can see Heilige Martinuskerk, Maria Church, Sint-Servatiuskerk, Stichting Financieel Beheer Evangelische Baptisten Gemeente Valkenswaard, H.Nicolaaskerk, and St. Martinus Gilde van het Heilig Sacrament.

Each church has its own style when it comes to its exterior and design. You will instantly see different inspirations when you check out these landmarks. Make sure that you visit one or two of these churches to have a glimpse of the history of the town as well as the culture that the people of Valkenswaard have which translate to who they are and what they do as locals.