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This website is your online guide to tours, current prices, history, and other information related to the churches of Valkenswaard. You can use this site to help you know more about the different cathedrals that are erected and has since been standing to serve as landmarks for the town of Valkenswaard.

Who we are

Our company started due to our undying support of the history, maintenance, and budgetary allotment for care and monitoring of the churches in the Netherlands. These churches are part of the history of the country. If people did not take care of these structures, all of them will slowly deteriorate until they become just remnants of what were once beautiful symbolism of hope and history.

Because of the team’s heart for the churches of Valkenswaard, seven History major graduates founded this company. We want to raise funds for these churches and make these historical landmarks as recognizable as possible to tourists.

What we offer

From seven, our team grew to 14 members, with each having a role in prospering the business, marketing, and operations. Connect with us to help you know more about the churches of Valkenswaard. Do you want to make your whole Amsterdam holiday stay hassle-free and without worries? Send us your personal information using our contact form page.

Are you not able to book cheap hotels in Amsterdam? We can make your reservations as smooth as possible. We partner with numerous establishments near and around Valkenswaard. We will make sure that your vacation in the Netherlands will be full of good memories and happy encounters.