Places that You Can Visit in Valkenswaard

It is always fun to go somewhere you have not been before and check out what is in store for you in that place. You can explore the different restaurants, hotels, and other landmarks that make the town iconic or unique.

One municipality that you can visit is Valkenswaard. If you have been to an Amsterdam holiday, you would definitely like a tour of this town. It has the same atmosphere and culture. And you will also experience the same fun and excitement as what you did in your Amsterdam city trip.

Here are the places that you can include in your trip to Valkenswaard:


When you visit Valkenswaard, it will always be an interesting itinerary to go to at least one of the churches in Valkenswaard. The feeling of the holiness and sanctity of these churches will always humble you and put your life into perspective. The symbolism of these landmarks can help you reflect on what you have done throughout the year and help you plan for the next months and years to come.


You must go to the center of the city of Valkenswaard to see the number of choices that you can take when you want to enjoy the food and the wines that the Netherlands has to offer. Do you love the local cuisine of the Dutch? See our list of menus and restaurants that promote the food that originated from the Netherlands.

Do you enjoy other dishes from other countries? You have a variety of restaurants to choose from in Valkenswaard. Give your palette a treat by going through Valkenswaards’s restaurants one by one. The explorer in you will thank you afterward.

Hiking areas

Valkenswaard has a lot of hiking areas for you to walk and enjoy. Bring your dependable backpack, water tumbler, and you are good to go. See the environment that represents the beauty of Valkenswaard. Make sure to bring your trusty camera so that you can bring a piece of Valkenswaard with you when you go home. Did you try an Amsterdam bike rental when you were in this city? You will also find the same bike rentals here in Valkenswaard.

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