Churches in Valkenswaard that You Should Include in Your Itinerary

When I go to Europe, part of my tour will always be a visit to the most popular churches in the area. The churches infuse a lot of history on my trips. When my agents asked me what to do in Amsterdam, I would always recommend Oude Kerk or Nieuwe Kerk because of their beauty and majesty.

Another town in the Netherlands that has a lot of churches that you can see is Valkenswaard. Just like any other part of the country, it is rich in history and culture. This makes the town of Valkenswaard a nice place to visit while you are in the country.

What are the churches that you can include in your list of places to go to in Valkenswaard?

St. Mary’s Church

This church has a breathtaking structure that symbolizes both simplicity and uniformity of the architecture in that era. It has a Romanesque and basilic design. The church building was originally for a different purpose before but was reconstructed and rebuilt to be the St. Mary’s Church that we now know today. The architect behind the project is  Jos Bedaux from Tilburg.

You can identify this church instantly because of the uniqueness of style compared to other churches in the region.

St. Martin’s Church

Another church that you can visit while you are in Valkenswaard is the St. Martin’s Church. The design of the building is neo-Gothic. This means that the St. Martin’s church was erected at the time of the revival of the Gothic style of buildings. These churches are known for the pointed roof design, vaulted ceilings, and other fortifications.

St. Martin was an officer in the Roman army. The story behind his canonization originated from the story of Martin seeing a beggar. He had nothing to offer the beggar but the cloak that he was wearing. He cut the cloak in two and he gave one-half to the beggar. That night, he dreamt that Christ was wearing a half-cloak, the same cloak that he gave to the beggar.


A Romanesque style church, the Sint-Servatiuskerk is another place to visit in Valkenswaard. Saint Servatius is one of the Ice Saints, the name given to a list of saints whose feasts fall on the black-thorn winter days. Include this church on trips along with your Amsterdam top sightseeing and tours.

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